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Living Organ Donor Transplantation, Second Edition puts the entire discipline in perspective while guiding readers step-by-step through the most common organ transplant surgeries. Organized into four cohesive parts, and featuring numerous surgical illustrations, this sourcebook delivers an incisive look at every key consideration for general surgeons who perform transplantations, from patient selection to recipient workup and outcomes. The book emphasizes the most humanitarian approaches and provides content on living donor uterus transplantation, new operative techniques, including the use of robotic and minimally invasive transplant procedures, new immunosuppressive regimens, new protocols of tolerance induction, including stem cell therapy and transplantation, and more.Chapter authors are international leaders in their fields and represent institutions from four continents (Americas: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada; Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK; Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan; Australia).

PART I. GENERAL ASPECTS OF LIVING DONOR ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION1. Introduction and Rationale2. Cultural Differences In Living Organ Donation3. Ethical and Legal Issues4. Donor Counseling and Consent5. Nondirected Donors6. General Aspects of Living Donor Organ Transplantation: Social Issues

PART II. PAID LEGAL AND ILLEGAL ORGAN DONATION7. Current Financial Incentives8. Paid Legal Organ Donation9. Challenges of Paid Organ Donation for Public Health Care Policy10. Who's Got the Knife? The Role of Surgeons in Transplant Trafficking

PART III. THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA11. Living Donor Organ Transplantation: The Role of Public Solicitation12. The Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Paid Legal and Illegal Organ Donation

PART IV. ORGAN-SPECIFIC ASPECTS OF LIVING DONOR ABDOMINAL ORGAN TRANSPLANTATIONSECTION I. KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION13. Kidney Transplantation: Personal Reflections14. History of Living Donor Kidney Transplantation15. Kidney Transplantation: Geographical Differences16. Preemptive Living Transplantation: The Ideal Therapeutic Modality for End-Stage Renal Disease17. Kidney Transplantation: The Donor18. Kidney Transplantation: The Recipient19. Kidney Transplantation: Cost AnalysisSECTION II. PANCREAS TRANSPLANTATION20. History of and Rationale for Pancreas Transplantation21. Pancreas Transplantation: The Donor22. Pancreas Transplantation: The Recipient23. The Asian Experience24. International Pancreas Registry Report (IPTR) and Long-Term Outcome25. Islet Autotransplantation after Pancreatectomy26. Islet Transplantation Using Living DonorsSECTION III. LIVER TRANSPLANTATION27. Personal Reflections and History of Living Donor Liver Transplantation28. The Impact of the A2all Study29. Regional Variations in the U.S. Living Donor Experience30. Institutional Needs for Living Donor Liver Transplantation31. Role of Split Liver Transplantation from Deceased Donors: Lessons Learned32. Liver Regeneration33. Living Donor Liver Transplantation: The Donor34. Liver Transplantation: The Recipient35. Liver Transplantation: Cost AnalysisSECTION IV. INTESTINAL TRANSPLANTATION36. History of Living Donor Intestinal Transplantation37. Indications for Living Donor Intestinal (and Liver) Transplantation38. Intestinal Transplantation The Donor39. Intestinal Transplantation The RecipientSECTION V. UTERUS TRANSPLANTATION40. History of Living Donor Uterus Transplantation41. Uterus Transplantation - The Donor42. Uterus Transplantation - The Recipient

PART V. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS AND ALTERNATIVES TO LIVING DONOR TRANSPLANTATION 43. Dual-Organ Donation and Transplantation44. Use of Living Donors for HIV-Positive Transplant Candidates45. New Immunosuppressive Protocols46. Strategies to Induce Tolerance47. Xenotransplantation48. Gene Therapy49. Organogenesis and related approaches for organ replacement50. Consensus Conferences on Living Donor Organ Transplantation51. Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Living Donor Organ Transplantation
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