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Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic "Implications on Education, Environment, and Lifestyle"

COVID-19 is a highly contagious viral illness caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome SARSCoV-2. It has had a devastating effect on the world's demographics with high morbidity and mortality worldwide. After the influenza pandemic of 1918, it has emerged as the most consequential global health crisis. After the first cases of this predominantly respiratory viral illness were first reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in late December 2019, SARS-CoV- 2 rapidly disseminated across the world in a short span of time, compelling the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. The outbreak of COVID-19 has proven to be a worldwide unprecedented disaster. It has physically, psychologically, socially, and economically afflicted billions of people across the globe. Its transmission is significantly high. Serious postrecovery has been noticed in a large number of people. The virus is highly mutable and new and new strains are appearing, and many of them such as delta, BA1 and BA2 subvariants as well as their hybrids have been considered by the WHO as concerning. The virus has exhibited deleterious impacts on bodily systems other than the respiratory system (primary target) such as the brain, hematological system, liver, kidneys, endocrine system, etc. Right after its declaration as a pandemic by the WHO in March 2020, governments in various countries declared lockdowns to combat the spread of disease, causing major disruption to the lives of billions of people.

Besides the impact on health and healthcare systems, education was changed with the introduction of online and or hybrid systems to help students continue to learn. Though the pandemic has subsided now, the emergence of new variants continues and lifestyle changes such as online learning and work from home have continued.

Researchers who successfully mitigated the negative impact of social media and effectively used it for acceptance of medicinal or non-medicinal measures during pandemics by developing a realtime information sharing system and assembling a multidisciplinary team of experts to collect and analyze data from a variety of social media platforms across the global diaspora to better understand people's perceptions and attitudes, as well as to spot early warning signs of error and correct them before they proliferate. They also emphasized the necessity of addressing people's perceptions in order to increase awareness and education, so that social media may be used to promote public trust collaboration, and improved adherence to epidemic control measures. In totality the pandemic affected the environment and ecosystem as a whole positively due to a decrease in vehicles on roads and less movement of persons from one place to another. However, medical waste was increased and new measures were needed to handle it. People have had to change their habits in everyday life in order to live with the pandemic and protect themselves and others.

This volume focuses on the implications of COVID-19 on education, environment, and lifestyle. It includes chapters on the transformation of education systems and introduction of hybrid modes of education, impact on environment, management of solid wastes, and development of innovative gadgets and architectural designs to help deal with the pandemic. Other chapters cover diet, family systems, and adoption of new norms in pandemic times.

This book will be a valued resource for students, teachers, and researchers of social science and science as well as public health workers.


Author Biography

Chapter 1: Teaching, Learning And Caring In Post-covid Era

Shilpi Verma

Chapter 2: Adoption Of Blended Learning Model In Higher Education Post Covid-19

Tejinderpal Singh, Harmeet Kaur Kang, Raj Kumar

Chapter 3: Ode: Cruising Onto A New Education System

Ravi K Mahajan, Kalpana K Mahajan

Chapter 4: Covid-19 Pandemic And Paradigms Of Education In Indian Heis: A Mapping Of Tectonic Shifts

Mohd. Rizwan Khan

Chapter 5: Paradigm Shift In Education And Career Choice Of Students In The New Normalpost Covid -19 Era

Rupinder Bir Kaur And Kanwal Roop Kaur

Chapter 6: An Impact Assessment Of Covid-19 Pandemic On The Higher Education Institutions Of India

Santosh Kumar And Abhishek Pandey

Chapter 7: Academic Administration: Post Pandemic Challenges In Science Education

Ashish Kumar Lamiyan, Ramkesh Dalal, Neelima R Kumar, R.c. Sobti

Chapter 8: Family Life And Education Under The Dark Shadow Of Covid-19 Pandemic In India: Some Observations

Jagdish Chander Mehta

Chapter 9: Impact Of Covid -19 Pandemic On Education In Indian Context: Reimagining Education Beyond The Pandemic

Satvinderpal Kaur

Chapter 10: Telecommunication Interventions And Opportunities In Education, Health And Agriculture: Post Covid-19 Scenario

Nitish Mahajan, Amita Chauhan, Harish Kumar, And Sakshi Kaushal

Chapter 11: Technological Innovations And Challenges In Higher Education During Covid-19 Pandemic

Rajesh Kumar, Parveen Goyal And Harish Kumar Banga

Chapter 12: Shift In Technology: A Mechanical Engineer's Perspective In The Post Covid-19 World

Jatinder Madan

Chapter 13: Architecture Of Covid Era

Gurkirpal Singh,

Chapter 14: Maps, Digitalization And Citizenry (With Special Reference To Covid-19)

Vibhash C. Jha

Chapter 15: Covid-19 Pandemic And Environmental


Aditya Vikram Agarwal Pawan Kumar And Rana Pratap Singh

Chapter 16: Covid-19 Pandemic And Environmental Pollution: Opportunity To Revisit Environmental Strategies For Public Health Benefits

Suman Mor, Akshi Goyal, Tanbir Singh, Sahil Mor, RC Sobti, Khaiwal Ravindra

Chapter 17: Bio-medical Waste Management In Post Covid-19 Pandemic: Need For An Effective Regulation In India

Anis Ahmad

Chapter 18: Covid - 19 Pandemic : Social Response Through Changing Lifestyles

Vibhash C. Jha

Chapter 19: Emerging Life Styles In Urban India Under The Regime Of Covid-19 Pandemic: An Overview Of The Implications

Jagdish C. Mehta

Chapter 20: Confronting Potential Role Of Yoga In Combatting Covid-19 Pandemic

Neeru Malik, Rakesh Malik And Navneet Kaur

Chapter 21: Lifestyle Communication, Environment And Development Sustainability: An Analytical Study From Consumption To Information Dissemination During Covid 19

Mahendra Kumar Padhy

Chapter 22: Adoption Of Diet Pattern During Covid Pandemic

Komal Singh

Chapter 23: Life Post Covid-19 Pandemic: Opportunities And Challenges For The Decision Makers

Raees Ahmad Khan, Alka Agrawal, Md Tarique Jamal Ansari

Chapter 24: Post Covid-19 Paradigm Shift:a New Era Of Digital Experience

Alka Agrawal, Md Tarique Jamal Ansari, Raees Ahmad Khan

Chapter 25: Covid-19: Our Solutions Are In Nature

Aparna Sarin
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