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The first multimedia medical text of its kind presenting the most comprehensive and up-to-date full-color material about robotics in General Surgery.

Written by the senior editors with the contribution of international renowned robotic surgeons and academics, The Foundation and Art of Robotic Surgery shows how to apply robotics in multiple anatomical locations, using a comprehensive, concise and practical written description of each standardized surgical procedure.

Fifty-one chapters cover topics including General Principles of Robotic Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Chest Surgery, Gastric and Bariatric Surgery, Intestinal Surgery, Spleen and Pancreas Surgery, Liver Surgery, Biliary Surgery, Adrenal Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Transplant Surgery and Additional Procedures (including principles of Single Port Robotic Surgery). Each operation is divided into steps with specific timeframes, for learning and teaching purposes, and each of these steps is a unit/block that needs to be sequentially acquired to become proficient in that specific procedure.

Packed with 900+ photos and 900+ detailed anatomical and surgical drawings with also quick and easy access to 200+ surgical videos (including video clips of the most important steps and longer videos of full-procedures), The Foundation and Art of Robotic Surgery provides clear, concise and hands-on description of the instruments requirements, indications and relative contraindications to the robotic approach, preoperative phases including trocar placement, patient positioning, OR set-up, and a detailed and step-wise description of the operative steps.

The Foundation and Art of Robotic Surgery guides the reader through the processes of using robots to make smaller incisions, decrease blood loss and postoperative pain, as well as foster quicker healing time and reduce hospital stays. Benefits to the surgeon include improved control over the instruments, better views of the surgical field, reduced fatigue, and decreased hand tremors, which are filtered out by the robot's software. Quick access to 200+ videos/video clips is available through the book in addition to boxed text highlighted tips and tricks, anatomical variations, common pitfalls, and average timeframes.


900+ photos
900+ drawings of the standard anatomy, anatomical variations and surgical maneuvers.
Clear, concise presentation of the instruments/tools/material, indications and relative contraindications to the robotic approach, preoperative phases and each operative steps.
Access to instructive videos clips (of the main steps and of the full procedures) appearing alongside numerous photos and anatomical illustrations.
Boxed text highlight tips and tricks, anatomical notions, common pitfalls, editorial comments and average time frames.
Techniques for robotic transplant surgery, renal aneurysm repair and Single Port Robotic Surgery principles are also covered.

Section 1. General Principles of Robotic Surgery

1. General Concept; he Robotic Platform; the Team; Induction of Pneumoperitoneum, Port Settings, Patient Positioning; The Instruments; Retraction, Exposure; Surgical Troubleshooting

Section 2. Robotic Surgery of the Neck

2. Transaxillary Thyroidectomy

3. Parathyroidectomy

Section 3. Robotic Surgery of the Chest

4. Thymectomy

5. Esophagectomy

6. Paraesophageal Hernia

7. The Nissen

8. Heller Miotomy

9. Lung

Section 4. Robotic Surgery of the Abdomen

10. D2 Gastrectomy (Subtotal/total) on Roux en Y

11. Sleeve Gastrectomy

12. Gastric bypass

13. Small Bowel Resections

14. Right Colectomy

15. Left colectomy

16. Sigmoid Resections

17. Low Anterior Resection

18. Intersphincteric Resections

19. Lateral (obturatorian) lymphadenectomy

20. Abdomino-perineal Resection

Section 5. Robotic Surgery of the Spleen

21. Splenectomy

22. Hemisplenectomy

Section 6. Robotic Surgery of the Pancreas

23. Whipple

24. Distal Splenopancreatectomy

25. Spleen Preserving Distal Pancreatectomy

26. Central Pancreatectomy

Section 7. Robotic Surgery of the Liver

27. Right Hepatectomy

28. Left Hepatectomy

29. Segmental Liver Resections

Section 8. Biliary Robotic Surgery

30. Multiport Cholecystectomy

31. Single Port Cholecystectomy

32. Hepaticojejunostomy on Roux en Y

Section 9. Adrenal Robotic Surgery

33. Right Adrenalectomy

34. Left Adrenalectomy

Section 10. Vascular Robotic Surgery

35. Visceral Aneurisms (Splenic and Renal)

Section 11. Abdominal Wall Robotic Surgery

36. Inguinal Hernias

37. Ventral Hernias

Section 12. Transplant Robotic Surgery

38. Donor Nephrectomy

39. Kidney Transplant

40. Pancreas Transplant
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