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The newly updated Fourth Edition of Ridley's The Vulva delivers a practical guide to diagnosing and treating common and uncommon conditions affecting the vulva. The book bridges across the different specialties involved in the study of vulval diseases, offering full colour pictures, a companion website, and a digital companion text.

This newest edition provides the most up-to-date guidance on the diagnosis and management of vulval diseases, with extensively revised chapters and brand-new material on paediatric vulval disease, female genital mutilation, and psychological interventions. Finally, a variety of new clinical and histological images are included. The book also provides:

A thorough introduction to the basics of vulval disease, including vulval embryology and anatomy, normal vulval microbiology and physiology, and the principles of medical treatment
Comprehensive summaries of vulval infections, including herpes simplex, HPV, candidiasis, and ectoparasite infections
Practical discussions of all vulval dermatoses, including genetic conditions, and signs of associated systemic disease
In-depth information on vulvodynia
Discussion of benign, pre-malignant and malignant lesions

Perfect for dermatology, gynecology, pathology, paediatrics, genito-urinary and urology consultants and trainees, Ridley's The Vulva will also earn a place in the libraries of general practitioners and specialist nurses.


Fiona M. Lewis, MD, FRCP is a Consultant Dermatologist at the St. John's Institute of Dermatology, Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

List of Contributors xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xiv

About the Companion Website xv

Section 1 The Basics of Vulval Disease 1

1 Vulval Embryology and Developmental Abnormalities 3
Fiona M. Lewis

2 The Normal Vulva 19
Fiona M. Lewis

3 Vulval Physiology and Changes Through Life 36
Fiona M. Lewis

4 Normal Microbiology of the Vulva 42
Fiona M. Lewis

5 The Vulval Clinic, History, and Examination 45
Fiona M. Lewis

6 Symptoms and Signs in Vulval Disease 51
Fiona M. Lewis

7 Investigations in Vulval Disease 56
Fiona M. Lewis

8 Topical and Non-Surgical Treatments 63
Fiona M. Lewis

Section 2 Infection and the Vulva 69

9 Bacterial Vaginosis 71
Gulshan Sethi

10 Vulvovaginal Candidiasis 74
Gulshan Sethi

11 Syphilis 78
Gulshan Sethi

12 Gonorrhoea 83
Gulshan Sethi

13 Chlamydial Infection 87
Gulshan Sethi

14 Trichomoniasis 91
Gulshan Sethi

15 Genital Herpes 94
Gulshan Sethi

16 Human Papillomavirus Infections 99
Gulshan Sethi

17 Other Sexually Transmitted Infections 105
Gulshan Sethi

18 Tropical Infections 110
Fiona M. Lewis

19 Non-Sexually Transmitted Infections 117
Fiona M. Lewis

20 HIV Infection and Vulval Disease 129
Gulshan Sethi

Section 3 Inflammatory Dermatoses 131

21 Vulval Psoriasis 133
Shireen Velangi

22 Eczema and Allergic Reactions 139
Fiona M. Lewis

23 Lichen Sclerosus 147
Fiona M. Lewis

24 Lichen Planus 161
Fiona M. Lewis

25 Hidradenitis Suppurativa 171
Ellie Rashidghamat

26 Immunobullous Disease 180
Elisabet Nylander

27 Other Inflammatory Dermatoses 186
Fiona M. Lewis

Section 4 Other Dermatological Conditions 197

28 Genetic Conditions 199
Fiona M. Lewis

29 Disorders of Pigmentation 206
Fiona M. Lewis

30 Disorders of Skin Appendages and Hair 213
Fiona M. Lewis

31 Drug Reactions and the Vulva 217
Fiona M. Lewis

32 Conditions Associated with Systemic Disease 223
Fiona M. Lewis

33 Lymphatic Abnormalities and the Vulva 234
Kristiana Gordon

34 Vascular Abnormalities and the Vulva 240
Fiona M. Lewis

Section 5 Vulvodynia 243

35 Vulvodynia: History, Classification, and Terminology 245
Nina Bohm-Starke and Ulrika Johannesson

36 Vulvodynia: Pathophysiology and Clinical Features 248
Nina Bohm-Starke and Ulrika Johannesson

37 Vulvodynia: Management 260
Nina Bohm-Starke and Ulrika Johannesson

Section 6 Benign Tumours of the Vulva 269

38 Benign Vulval Tumours 271
Zlatko Marusic and Eduardo Calonje

39 Benign Vulval Naevi 287
Zlatko Marusic and Eduardo Calonje

Section 7 Intraepithelial Lesions 291

40 High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions 293
Fabrizio Bogliatto and Fiona M. Lewis

41 Differentiated Vulval Epithelial Neoplasia 301
Fiona M. Lewis

42 Vulval Paget's Disease 306
Michelle van der Linden

Section 8 Vulval Cancer 313

43 Vulval Squamous Cell Carcinoma 315
Marc van Beurden

44 Malignant Melanoma of the Vulva 327
Fiona M. Lewis

45 Other Malignant Vulval Tumours 333
Zlatko Marusic and Eduardo Calonje

Section 9 Surgical Procedures and Management of Other Conditions 347

46 Female Genital Mutilation 349
Refaat Karim

47 Transgender Surgery and the Neovulva 355
Fiona M. Lewis

Section 10 Psychological Aspects of Vulval Disease 359

48 Psychological Aspects of Vulval Disorders 361
Alia Ahmed and Fiona M. Lewis

Section 11 Vulval Disease in Children 373

49 Inflammatory Dermatoses of the Vulva in Children 375
Fiona M. Lewis

50 Vulval Infection in Children 385
Fiona M. Lewis

51 Anatomical Abnormalities in Children 391
Fiona M. Lewis

52 Vulval Trauma in Children 396
Fiona M. Lewis

53 Vulval Lesions in Children 400
Fiona M. Lewis

Section 12 Other Topics 403

54 Vulval Trauma 405
Fiona M. Lewis

55 Cosmetic Procedures and Complications 412
Fiona M. Lewis

Glossary of Terms 416

Index 417
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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