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With comprehensive, highly visual coverage designed for sports clinicians, team physicians, sports medicine fellows, primary care physicians, and other health care professionals who provide care to athletes and active individuals, Netter's Sports Medicine, 3rd Edition, is an ideal resource for everyday use. Editors include three past presidents of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, it includes contributions from world-renowned experts as well as a rich illustration program with many classic paintings by Frank H. Netter, MD. From Little League to professional sports, weekend warriors to Olympic champions, and backcountry mountainside to the Super Bowl field, this interdisciplinary reference is indispensable in the busy outpatient office, in the training room, on the sidelines, and in preparation for sports medicine board certification.

More than 1,000 superb Netter graphics, tables, figures, pictures, diagnostic images, and other medical artwork highlight easy-to-read, bulleted text.
New coverage of esports, as well as other key topics such as travel considerations for the athlete, EKG interpretation, cardiac disease, diagnostic imaging and ultrasound, injury prevention protocols, and mixed martial arts.
Up-to-date information on nutritional supplements, eating disorders, sports and pharmacology for chronic conditions and behavioral medicine, and extreme and adventure sports.
Designed for quick reference, with a logical organization by both topic and sport.
Online features include downloadable patient education handouts, and handy links.
Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
By Christopher Madden, MD, FACSM, Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Family Medicine, Aurora, Colorado; Sports and Family Medicine Physician, Private Practice, Longs Peak Family Practice and Sports Medicine, Longmont, Colorado; Team Physician, Lyons High School, Lyons, Colorado ; Margot Putukian, MD, FACSM, Director of Athletic Medicine, Head Team Physician, Assistant Director of Medical Services, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey; Associate Clinical Professor, Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Team Physician, US Men's Lacrosse Team; Team Physician, US Soccer; Past President American Medical Society for Sports Medicine; Eric McCarty, MD, Chief, Sports Medicine & Shoulder Surgery, Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, Colorado; Director of Sports Medicine, Department of Athletics, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado and Craig Young, MD, Professor & Medical Director of Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery & Community and Family Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Team Physician, Milwaukee Ballet, Milwaukee Brewers, US National Snowboard Team, President 2007-2008, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

Medical Care and Supervision of the Athlete

1 The Team Physician (C. Madden)
2 The Certified Athletic Trainer and the Athletic Training Room (M. Putukian)
3 The Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (C. Madden)
4 Sideline Preparedness and Emergencies on the Field (C. Young)
5 Sports Nutrition (M. Putukian)
6 Sports Supplements (C. Madden)
7 Sports Pharmacology of Pain and Inflammation Control in Athletes (C. Madden)
8 Sports Pharmacology of Chronic Disease (C. Madden)
9 Sports Pharmacology of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine (C. Madden)

Special Considerations for Athlete Populations

10 The Pediatric Athlete (M. Putukian)
11 The High School Athlete: Setting up a High School Sports Medicine Program (C. Young)
12 The Female Athlete (M. Putukian)
13 The Senior Athlete (E. McCarty)
14 The Physically Challenged Athlete (M. Putukian)
15 Care of Athletes at Different Levels: From Pee-Wee to Professional (E. McCarty)
16 The Wilderness Athlete and Adventurer (C. Madden)


17 Exercise Prescription and Physiology (C. Young)
18 Aerobic Training (C. Madden)
19 Resistance Training (M. Putukian)
20 Flexibility (C. Madden)


21 Exercise in the Heat and Heat Illness (C. Young)
22 Exercise in the Cold and Cold Injuries (C. Madden)
23 High-Altitude Training and Competition (C. Madden)
24 Travel Considerations for the Athlete and Sports Medical Team (C. Young)

Behavioral and Psychological Problems

25 The Role of Sport Psychology and Psychiatry (M. Putukian)
26 Drugs and Doping in Athletes (C. Madden)
27 Eating Disorders in Athletes (M. Putukian)
28 Overtraining (M. Putukian)

General Medical Problems in Athletes

29 Infections in Athletes (C. Madden)
30 Gastrointestinal Problems (C. Madden)
31 Hematologic Problems in Athletes (C. Young)
32 Renal and Genitourinary Problems (C. Madden)
33 The Athlete With Diabetes (C. Madden)
34 ECG Interpretation in Athletes (M. Putukian)
35 Cardiac Disease in Athletes (M. Putukian)
36 The Hypertensive Athlete (C. Young)
37 Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm, Anaphylaxis, and Urticaria (C. Young)
38 Neurologic Problems in the Athlete (C. Madden)
39 Headache in the Athlete (M. Putukian)
40 Skin Problems in the Athlete (M. Putukian)
41 Connective Tissue and Rheumatologic Problems in Athletes (C. Madden)

Injury Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

42 Musculoskeletal Injuries in Sports (E. McCarty)
43 Comprehensive Rehabilitation of the Athlete (E. McCarty)
44 Physical Modalities in Sports Medicine (M. Putukian)
45 Head Injuries (M. Putukian)
46 Neck Injuries (E. McCarty)
47 Eye Injuries (C. Young)
48 Maxillofacial Injuries (C. Young)
49 Shoulder Injuries (E. McCarty)
50 Elbow Injuries (E. McCarty)
51 Hand and Wrist Injuries (E. McCarty)
52 Thorax and Abdominal Injuries (M. Putukian)
53 Thoracic and Lumbosacral Spine Injuries (E. McCarty)
54 Pelvis, Hip, and Thigh Injuries (E. McCarty)
55 Knee Injuries (E. McCarty)
56 Ankle and Leg Injuries (E. McCarty)
57 Cartilage Problems in Sports (E. McCarty)
58 Acute Fractures and Dislocations in Athletes (E. McCarty)
59 Stress Fractures (E. McCarty)
60 Foot Problems (E. McCarty)
61 Taping and Bracing (C. Madden)
62 Injections in the Athlete (E. McCarty)
63 Diagnostic Imaging in Sports Medicine (E. McCarty)
64 Sports Ultrasound (C. Madden)
65 Injury Prevention Protocols (E. McCarty)

Specific Sports

66 Football (M. Putukian and E. McCarty)
67 Soccer (M. Putukian)
68 Rugby (C. Young)
69 Lacrosse (M. Putukian)
70 Field Hockey (M. Putukian)
71 Ultimate Frisbee (C. Madden)
72 Basketball (M. Putukian)
73 Volleyball (C. Young)
74 Baseball (C. Young)
75 Softball (C. Young)
76 Tennis (E. McCarty)
77 Alpine Skiing (C. Young)
78 Cross-Country Skiing (C. Madden)
79 Snowboarding (C. Madden)
80 Ice Hockey (C. Madden)
81 Ice Skating (Figure Skating and Speed Skating) (C. Young)
82 Swimming and Diving (C. Young)
83 Scuba Diving (C. Young)
84 Sailing (C. Young)
85 Rowing (C. Young)
86 Martial Arts (C. Young)
87 Boxing (C. Young)
88 Wrestling (C. Young)
89 Mixed Martial Arts (C. Young)
90 Gymnastics (C. Young)
91 Cheerleading (C. Young)
92 Dance (C. Young)
93 Track and Field (M. Putukian)
94 Road Biking (C. Madden)
95 Mountain Biking (C. Madden)
96 In-Line Skating, Skateboarding, and Bicycle Motocross (C. Young)
97 Mass Participation Endurance Events (C. Madden)
98 Ultraendurance and Adventure Racing and Events (C. Madden)
99 Rock Climbing (C. Madden)
100 Rodeo and Equestrian Sports (C. Young)
101 The Extreme Athlete (E. McCarty)

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