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Sleep Disorders "A Case a Week From The Cleveland Clinic"

The second edition of Sleep Disorders: A Case a Week from Cleveland Clinic continues to offer a practical approach to the introduction of sleep medicine via an easy-to-use and concise volume that uses actual patient cases from the Cleveland Sleep Disorders Clinic. This edition includes new features, such as multiple choice questions, more than 30 enhanced patient and polysomnogram videos, and a wealth of high quality polysomnographic tracings. Printed in 4-color for the first time, this book uses various imaging techniques, like clinically relevant radiography and neuroimaging, in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, serving as a resource for medical students, residents, and experienced clinicians to hone their diagnostic skills.

52 chapters - a case a week - are written to illustrate the signs and symptoms, diagnostic criteria, workup, and routine treatment of unique patient cases presented to the sleep clinic. With updates covering comprehensive discoveries, an extensive focus on comorbidities, and typical and atypical presentations of sleep disorders, this book is a valuable guide to the latest discoveries in sleep medicine.

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Sleep Clinic Evaluation
Chapter 2. Introduction to Sleep Testing
Chapter 3. Introduction to Pediatric Sleep Clinic and Sleep Testing
Chapter 4. LA Night Moves
Chapter 5. Is Resistance Futile?
Chapter 6. More Sleep is a Slam Dunk
Chapter 7. Re-writing One Patient""s Story of Disrupted Sleep
Chapter 8. No Easy Way Down
Chapter 9. But I Need Marijuana to Function as a Mother
Chapter 10. Too Much of a Good Thing
Chapter 11. A Journey Through Time and Sleep
Chapter 12. Like Clockwork
Chapter 13. Turn up the Volume
Chapter 14. CPAP, What""s Not to Love?
Chapter 15. Figuring Out Fitful Feet
Chapter 16. To Treat or Not to Treat-That is the Central Question
Chapter 17. Pregnancy and Health: Let""s Sleep on It
Chapter 18. Whoever Wanted to Catch a Worm, Anyway?
Chapter 19. Stimulation Ultimately Prevails
Chapter 20. Paralysis Lost in a Dream
Chapter 21. Napping the Day Away
Chapter 22. Tormented Sunrises
Chapter 23. Oh My, Wet Bed and Dry Mouth Lead to Wet Eyes
Chapter 24. On the Cutting Edge: Breathe on
Chapter 25. Mr. Potato Head
Chapter 26. Wakeup to Reality!
Chapter 27. My Husband Tells Me I""m Lazy
Chapter 28. Unwanted Overtures by Night
Chapter 29. There Was a Crooked Man Who Could Not Breathe Day or Night
Chapter 30. What A Pain! My Childhood Leg Cramps are Back
Chapter 31. The Chicken And/Or the Egg?
Chapter 32. A Case of Sleepiness and Turbulent Dreams
Chapter 33. Digital in Her DNA!!!
Chapter 34. Deep into that darkness peering . stood there wondering, fearing
Chapter 35. Bonnie and Clyde, the Overlap Syndrome
Chapter 36. Seizures, Stimulators and Stimulators, Oh My
Chapter 37. Help, I Can""t Breathe!
Chapter 38. All Fall Down
Chapter 39. A Painful Trifecta
Chapter 40. Our Baby Can""t Eat, Can""t Breathe, and Can""t Sleep!
Chapter 41. Spikes, Spikes Go Away
Chapter 42. Dying to Fall Asleep
Chapter 43. Is the Jury Out or In?
Chapter 44. Midnight Mystery: The Case of the Midnight Fog and Missing Food
Chapter 45. Not for the Faint of Heart
Chapter 46. He Sounds Like a Crow and Leaps from the Bed
Chapter 47. The Curious Incident of the Toddler Who Wakes and Flails in Pain in the Night-time
Chapter 48. Did Cancer Kill My Sleep?
Chapter 49. Bilevel PAP Transforms this Teen""s Life: Frederick H. Royce, MD
Chapter 50. She Works Hard for her Sleep
Chapter 51. Terror at Northfield
Chapter 52. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Chapter 53. My Father Went Down the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 54. Moving Forward When CPAP Fails
Chapter 55. Sooner than Later if not Right after Stroke
Appendix 1. International Classification of Sleep Disorders, 3rd Edition
Appendix 2. Adult and pediatric sleep instruments
Oxford University Press
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