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A Clinician's Guide to Sperm DNA and Chromatin Damage

A comprehensive, up-to date guide to sperm DNA and chromatic damage for the clinician treating the infertile maleSections cover sperm chromatin structure, lab evaluation of chromatin and DNA damage, biological and clinical factors, clinical studies on the utility of sperm DNA damage testing, and current treatment options
An excellent resource for reproductive medicine and REI specialists, urologists and any professional working with the infertile male

This comprehensive, up-to-date text, which brings together the key practical elements of the rapidly evolving field of sperm DNA and chromatin abnormalities, is divided thematically into five main sections. Part I discusses human sperm chromatin structure and nuclear architecture, while part II presents laboratory evaluation of sperm DNA damage, including SCSA, SCD, TUNEL and Comet assays, and cytochemical tests. Biological and clinical factors in the etiology of sperm DNA damage are discussed in part III, including oxidative stress, abortive apoptosis, cancer, and environmental and lifestyle factors. Part IV presents clinical studies on the utility of sperm DNA damage tests, both with natural and ART-assisted pregnancies, and debates the clinical utility of such tests. Finally, part V discusses current treatment options, such as antioxidant therapy, varicocelectomy, advanced sperm processing techniques and the use of testicular sperm.

We are now beginning to better understand the unique organization of the sperm chromatin, as well as the nature and etiology of sperm DNA damage. Written and edited by worldwide experts in andrology, A Clinician's Guide to Sperm DNA and Chromatin Damage is an excellent resource for reproductive medicine and REI specialists, urologists, reproductive biologists and any professional working with the infertile male.

Table of contents
Sperm Chromatin: An Overview

Balhorn, Rod

Pages 3-30
Sperm Nucleoproteins (Histones and Protamines)

Barrachina, Ferran (et al.)

Pages 31-51
Sperm Nuclear Architecture

Ward, W. Steven

Pages 53-61
Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA ): Evolution from Origin to Clinical Utility

Evenson, Donald P.

Pages 65-89

Muratori, Monica (et al.)

Pages 91-102
TUNEL Assay by Benchtop Flow Cytometer in Clinical Laboratories

Sharma, Rakesh (et al.)

Pages 103-118
The Comet Assay

Cortés-Gutiérrez, Elva I. (et al.)

Pages 119-135
Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) Assay

Fernández, José Luis (et al.)

Pages 137-152
Cytochemical Tests of Sperm Chromatin Maturity

Erenpreiss, Juris (et al.)

Pages 153-162
Is There an Optimal Sperm DNA Test?

Kim, Michelle M. (et al.)

Pages 163-176
Oxidative Stress

Henkel, Ralf (et al.)

Pages 179-195
Apoptosis in Ejaculated Spermatozoa and in the Normal and Pathological Testes: Abortive Apoptosis and Sperm Chromatin Damage

Sakkas, Denny (et al.)

Pages 197-218
Defective DNA Repair in Spermiogenesis

Cavé, Tiphanie (et al.)

Pages 219-227
Defective Spermatogenesis and Sperm DNA Damage

Sharma, Rakesh (et al.)

Pages 229-261
Sperm Chromatin and Lifestyle Factors

Fatool, Sarah K. (et al.)

Pages 263-279
Cancer and Sperm DNA Damage

Chan, Peter T. K. (et al.)

Pages 281-300
Sperm Chromatin and Environmental Factors

Giwercman, Aleksander (et al.)

Pages 301-319
Sperm DNA Damage and Oocyte Repair Capability

Gunes, Sezgin (et al.)

Pages 321-346
Experimental Studies on Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Reproductive Outcomes

Perez-Cerezales, Serafín (et al.)

Pages 349-363
Sperm DNA and Natural Pregnancy

Spanò, Marcello (et al.)

Pages 365-391
Sperm DNA and ART (IUI, IVF, ICSI) Pregnancy

Bungum, Mona (et al.)

Pages 393-410
Sperm DNA and Pregnancy Loss After IVF and ICSI

Swain, Nirlipta (et al.)

Pages 411-430
Sperm DNA Tests Are Clinically Useful: Pro

Simon, Luke (et al.)

Pages 431-467
Sperm DNA Tests Are Clinically Useful: CON

Rotker, Katherine (et al.)

Pages 469-476
Antioxidant Therapy

Majzoub, Ahmad (et al.)

Pages 479-493

Roque, Matheus (et al.)

Pages 495-512
Physiological Intracytoplasmic Sperm Insemination Based on Hyaluronic Acid-Binding Ability

Nasr-Esfahani, Mohammad Hossein (et al.)

Pages 513-527
Advanced Sperm Processing/Selection Techniques

Agarwal, Ashok (et al.)

Pages 529-543
Use of Testicular Sperm for ICSI: Pro

Esteves, Sandro C. (et al.)

Pages 545-557
Debate on the Use of Testicular Sperm for ICSI: Con

Chan, Peter T. K.

Pages 559-570
Strategies to Diminish DNA Damage in Sperm Samples Used for ART

Gosálvez, Jaime (et al.)

Pages 571-587
Sperm DNA Testing: Where Do We Go from Here?

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