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This book highlights current Cannabis research: its botany, authentication, biotechnology, in vitro propagation, chemistry, cannabinoids biosynthesis, metabolomics, genomics, biomass production, quality control, and pharmacology.
Cannabis sativa L. (Family: Cannabaceae) is one of the oldest sources of fiber, food and medicine. This plant has been of interest to researchers, general public and media not only due to its medicinal properties but also the controversy surrounding its illicit use. Cannabis has a long history of medicinal use in the Middle East and Asia, being first introduced as a medicine in Western Europe in the early 19th century. Due to its numerous natural constituents, Cannabis is considered a chemically complex species. It contains a unique class of terpeno-phenolic compounds (cannabinoids or phytocannabinoids), which have been extensively studied since the discovery of the chemical structure of tetrahydrocannabinol (?9-THC), commonly known as THC, the main constituent responsible for the plant's psychoactive effects. An additionally important cannabinoid of current interest is Cannabidiol (CBD). There has been a significant interest in CBD and CBD oil (extract of CBD rich Cannabis) over the last few years because of its reported activity as an antiepileptic agent, particularly its potential use in the treatment of intractable epilepsy in children.

Table of contents (22 chapters)
Classification of Cannabis sativa L. in Relation to Agricultural, Biotechnological, Medical and Recreational Utilization
Small, Ernest
Pages 1-62
History of Cannabis as Medicine: Nineteenth Century Irish Physicians and Correlations of Their Observations to Modern Research
Russo, Ethan B.
Pages 63-78
Cannabis sativa L.: Botany and Horticulture
Chandra, Suman (et al.)
Pages 79-100
Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica versus Sativa and Indica
McPartland, John M.
Pages 101-121
Morpho-Anatomy of Marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.)
Raman, Vijayasankar (et al.)
Pages 123-136
Chemical and Morphological Phenotypes in Breeding of Cannabis sativa L.
Grassi, Gianpaolo (et al.)
Pages 137-160
Natural Cannabinoids of Cannabis and Methods of Analysis
Radwan, Mohamed M. (et al.)
Pages 161-182
Cannabinoids: Biosynthesis and Biotechnological Applications
Sirikantaramas, Supaart (et al.)
Pages 183-206
The Pharmacology and Therapeutic Potential of Plant Cannabinoids
Cascio, Maria Grazia (et al.)
Pages 207-225
Cannabinoid CB2 Receptor Mechanism of Cannabis sativa L.
Onaivi, Emmanuel S. (et al.)
Pages 227-247
Cannabidiol as a Treatment for Seizures, Convulsions and Epilepsy
Thomas, Brian F.
Pages 249-261
Allergenicity to Cannabis sativa L. and Methods to Assess Personal Exposure
Nayak, Ajay P. (et al.)
Pages 263-284
Micropropagation of Cannabis sativa L. An Update
Lata, Hemant (et al.)
Pages 285-297
Hairy Root Culture as a Biotechnological Tool in C. sativa
Wahby, Imane (et al.)
Pages 299-317
Genomics and Molecular Markers in Cannabis sativa L.
Onofri, Chiara (et al.)
Pages 319-342
The Role of Agrobacterium-Mediated and Other Gene-Transfer Technologies in Cannabis Research and Product Development
Feeney, Mistianne (et al.)
Pages 343-363
Induction of Polyploidy and Its Effect on Cannabis sativa L.
Mansouri, Hakimeh (et al.)
Pages 365-383
Classical and Molecular Cytogenetics of Cannabis Sativa L.
Karlov, Gennady I. (et al.)
Pages 385-394
Assessing Genetic Diversity in Cannabis sativa Using Molecular Approaches
Punja, Zamir K. (et al.)
Pages 395-418
Cannabis Endophytes and Their Application in Breeding and Physiological Fitness
Kusari, Parijat (et al.)
Pages 419-437
Chemical and Physical Elicitation for Enhanced Cannabinoid Production in Cannabis
Gorelick, Jonathan (et al.)
Pages 439-456
Contaminants of Concern in Cannabis: Microbes, Heavy Metals and Pesticides
McPartland, John M. (et al.)
Pages 457-474
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