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Overviews of the field of nutrition and focuses on the role of the Federal Government in determining nutrition policy and practice
Provides an integrated view of nutrition needs and the policies and political mechanisms that affect the delivery of quality food and nutrition services
Considers programs to help reduce disparities in the prevalence of diet-related chronic diseases among various populations, as well as a detailed chapter on obesity with discussions on global impact and cost, pediatric obesity, and the impact of socioeconomic status and ethnicity
Includes specific information on breastfeeding mothers, HIV/AIDS, and prison inmates
Chapter-by-chapter full PowerPoint presentations are available upon qualifying course adoption

This second edition of a bestseller, Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice focuses on the role of the federal government in determining nutrition policy and influencing practice. Beginning with an overview of public health principles, the book examines the application of nutritional policy to dietary guidance, health promotion, and the practice of public health nutrition.

Highlights of New Coverage in the Second Edition:

Legislation such as Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010; Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill); and proposals for the next Farm Bill
Discussions of study designs, the SEED-SCALE model for health promotion, health disparities and health equity, worksite wellness, Let's Move!, and other initiatives
Impact of the ACA on menu labeling policies, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Act, and legislation regarding breastfeeding
Examination of health disparities, demographic trends, and health literacy; sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression; and the role of social media in tailored health communications
2010 Dietary Guidelines with analysis of potential upcoming changes in 2015 Dietary Guidelines, Healthy Eating Index 2010, MyPlate, and Harvard Healthy Eating Plate
Best Bones Forever! Campaign, text messaging for tailored health communication, and 4 Day Throw Away study assessing the use of social media for education regarding food safety
The book explores the importance of nutrition as a component of the broad field of public health. The authors review the principles of public health nutrition, examining nutritional epidemiology and programs that deal with health disparities, weight control challenges, and the needs of special populations. The text addresses the practice of public health nutrition through tools for conducting a food and nutrition assessment of a community, designing and carrying out a social marketing campaign, and developing large and small grant proposals.

Nutrition in Public Health provides an integrated view of nutrition needs and the policies and political mechanisms that affect the delivery of quality food and nutrition services. It gives students a thorough understanding of the federal government's role in determining nutrition policy and influencing practice.

Table of Contents
Nutrition in Public Health
Preventing Disease or Promoting Health?
Nutritional Epidemiology
Diet-Related Chronic Disease: Disparities and Programs to Reduce Them
Weight Control: Challenges and Solutions
Special Populations
Cultural Competency
Food and Nutrition Policies
Food and Nutrition Guidance
Food and Nutrition Assessment of the Community
Promoting Food Security
Social Marketing and Other Mass Communication Techniques
Food Safety and Defense
Grants to Support Initiatives in Public Health Nutrition
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