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The Fourth Edition of this landmark work features nine new chapters and has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect contemporary findings. It is the only text that covers every important aspect of radiation oncology--from basic cancer biology, radiation biology, and radiation therapy physics to state-of-the-art treatment regimens for all cancer sites and tumor types and discussions of results.
Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology is designed to provide a better understanding of the natural history of cancer, the physical methods of radiation application, the effects of irradiation on normal tissues, and the most judicious ways in which radiation therapy can be employed in the treatment of cancer patients. This encyclopedic text places greater emphasis on the use of radiation oncology in palliative and supportive care, in addition to therapy.
Included in the new edition: chapters on molecular biology and physiology, technology assessment and cost benefit, combined chemotherapy and irradiation in head and neck cancer, breast: stage Tis, pancreas, leukemias (adult and childhood), retinoblastoma, unusual tumors in childhood, and endovascular brachytherapy. This edition also features expanded coverage of new 3-D techniques and IMRT and a greater emphasis on pediatric concerns.


Section 1: Overview and Basic Science of Radiation Oncology

1 Overview
Part A: Cancer Biology
2 Biologic Basis of Radiation Therapy
3 Molecular Biology and Physiology
4 Molecular Tumor Pathophysiology
Part B: Medical Radiation Physics
5 Principles of Radiologic Physics, Dosimetry, and Treatment Planning
6 External Beam Dosimetry and Treatment Planning (Photons)
7 Physics and Clinical Applications of Electron Beam Therapy
8 Three-Dimensional Conformal Irradiation, Physics Treatment Planning, and Basic Clinical Aspects
9 Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Physics, and Treatment Planning

Section 2: Techniques, Modalities, and Modifiers in Radiation Oncology
10 Clinical Trials in Altered Fractionation
11 Late Effects of Cancer Treatment on Normal Tissues
12 Methodology of Clinical Trials
13 Magna Field Irradiation
14 Stereotactic Irradiation
15 Intraoperative Radiation Therapy
16 Particle Beam Radiation Therapy: Physics and Clinical Applications
17 Physics and Biology of Brachytherapy
18 Clinical Applications of LDR Brachytherapy
19 Physics and Dosimetry of High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
20 Clinical Aspects of High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
21 Non-sealed Radionuclide Therapy
22 Radioimmunoglobulins in Cancer Therapy
23 Response Modulation of Radiation (Enhancers, Biological Modifiers, Radioprotectors)
24 Hyperthermia
25 Basic Concepts of Chemotherapy and Irradiation Interaction

Section 3: Clinical Radiation Oncology
Part A: Skin Cancer
26 Skin
Part B: AIDS-Associated Malignancies
27 Malignant Neoplasias in Classic and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Including Kaposi's Sarcoma
Part C: Central Nervous System Tumors
28 Brain, Brain Stem, and Cerebellum in Adults
29 Pituitary
30 Spinal Cord
31 Eye
Part D: Head and Neck Tumors
32 Ear
33 Combined Chemotherapy and Irradiation in Head and Neck Cancer
34 Nasopharynx
35 Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses
36 Salivary Glands
37 Oral Cavity
38 Tonsillar Fossa, Faucial Arch, and Base of Tongue
39 Hypopharynx
40 Larynx
41 Unusual Nonepithelial Tumors of the Head and Neck
42 Management of the Neck Including Unknown Primary Metastatic Nodes
43 Thyroid
Part E: Thoracic Tumors
44 Lung
45 Mediastinum and Trachea
46 Esophagus
47 Heart and Blood Vessels
Part F: Breast Tumors
48 Breast: Stage Tis
49 Breast: Stage T1 and T2 Tumors
50 Breast: Locally Advanced (T3 and T4) and Recurrent Tumors Including Postmastectomy Irradiation
Part G: Gastrointestinal Tumors
51 Stomach
52 Pancreas
53 Liver and Hepatobiliary Tract
54 Colon and Rectum
55 Anal Canal
Part H: Urinary Tract Tumors
56 Kidney, Renal Pelvis, and Ureter
57 Bladder
Part I: Male Genitourinary Tumors
58 Prostate
59 Testis
60 Penis and Male Urethra
Part J: Gynecologic Tumors
61 Uterine Cervix
62 Endometrium
63 Ovary
64 Fallopian Tube
65 Vagina
66 Female Urethra
67 Vulva
Part K: Adrenal and Retroperitoneal Tumors
68 Retroperitoneum
69 Adrenal Gland
Part L: Lymphoma and Hematologic Malignancies
70 Hodgkin's Disease
71 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas
72 Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
73 Leukemias (Adult and Childhood)
74 Myeloma and Plasmacytomas
Part M: Sarcomas of Bone and Soft Tissue
75 Bone
76 Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Part N: Pediatric Tumors
77 Brain Tumors in Children
78 Retinoblastoma
79 Wilms' Tumor
80 Neuroblastoma
81 Rhabdomyosarcoma
82 Ewing's Sarcoma
83 Lymphomas in Children
84 Unusual Tumors in Childhood
Part O: Benign Diseases
85 Radiation Treatment of Benign Disease
86 Endovascular Brachytherapy

Section 4: Palliative and Supportive Care
87 Palliation of Brain and Spinal Cord Metastases
88 Palliation of Bone Metastases
89 Palliation of Visceral Recurrences and Metastases
90 Pain Management
91 Supportive Care and Quality of Life in Radiation Oncology

Section 5: Economics, Ethics, and Technology Evaluation
92 Technology Assessment and Cost Benefit
93 Ethics, Professional Values, and Legal Considerations in Radiation Oncology

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