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Essential Surgical Practice "Higher Surgical Training In General Practice"

  • EDITOR Hodder Arnold Publishers.
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  • ISBN 978-0-340-80638-8
  • EAN 9780340806388
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  • Fecha 01-01-2001
  • Número 4
  • Año 2001

Significant changes in surgical training have occurred as a result of the recommendations published in the Calman Report. The period of surgical training is now shorter and has two distinct phases: first, basic training and then higher surgical training within a recognized surgical specialty, with an exit examination towards the end of the training period. These changes are reflected in the decision to initiate a radical revision in the presentation and format of the fourth edition of Essential Surgical Practics, including a division into two parts that reflects the above phases.
This second volume caters for the needs of the senior trainee surgeon undertaking higher surgical training in general surgery, giving detailed information on those specialties about which the general surgeon is required to have a working knowledge with a special emphasis on gastrointestinal and vascular surgery. It is structured to be highly patient-oriented in line with current thought and practice, with a firm underpinning of pathophysiology.
Essential Surgical Practice: Higher Surgical Training in General Surgery will be an indispensable source of reference for all surgical trainees and can be used with confidence in association with local studies and distance learning courses. The content is consistent with the scope and level of information required for international postgraduate examinations.
A companion volume covers in detail the necessary material for Basic Surgical Training. Module-based, it emphasizes the management of patients with a variety of more common surgical disorders.

Key Features:

* Designed for the Higher Surgical Trainee in General Surgery
* Provides more detailed information where it is needed
* Less detailed information where only a working knowledge is required
* Specialist contributors ensure accurate and up to date content


Part 1 - General Surgery - Trauma: Specific injuries
Disorders of the skin and soft tissues
Disorders of the breast
Disorders of the thyroid
Disorders of the parathyroid
Disorders of the adrenal glands
Disorders of the abdominal wall and peritoneal cavity
Disorders of the oesophagus
Disorders of teh stomach and duodenum
Disorders of the liver
Disoders of the biliary tract
Disorders of the spleen and lymph nodes
Disorders of the pancreas
Disorders of the small intestine and vermiform appendix
Disorders of the colon and rectum
Disorders of the anal canal
Part 2 - Vascular Surgery - Vascular physiology
Epidemiology and natural history of vascular disease
Epidemiology and natural history of vascular disease
Vascular risk-reduction
Microvascular assessment
Anaesthesia for vascular surgery
Carotid artery disease and mesenteric ischaemia
Acute limb ischaemia and thrombolysis
Chronic lower limb occlusive disease
Diabetic foot disease
Upper limb ischaemia
Vascular access surgery
Diagnostic radiology and endovascular techniques
Venous thrombo-embolism
Varicose veins
Chronic venous insufficiency
Arteriovenous fistulae
Part 3 - Neurosurgery - Introduction: What should the general surgeon know?
Management of mild and moderate head injury
Management of severe head injury
Spotaneous intracranial haemorrhage
Tumours of the brain and spine
Neurosurgical conditions

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