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Small Animal Dental Equipment, Materials And Techniques

  • EDITOR John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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  • ISBN 978-1-118-98661-5
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  • Fecha 17-07-2019
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The second edition of Small Animal Dental Equipment, Materials, and Techniques has been revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in veterinary dental practice.

- Provides a comprehensive resource for integrating dental services into veterinary practice
- Offers valuable advice on selecting dental equipment and materials
- Presents clear descriptions for a range of dental terms and techniques
- Includes a wealth of new images
- Highlights dental information applicable to general practice

1. The Dental Operatory
Electricity, Water, and Drainage
The Operatory
Powered Dental Delivery Systems
Dental Loupes (Telescopes)
General Anesthesia
Patient Monitoring Devices
Regional Analgesia
Further Reading
2. Equipment, Instruments, and Materials for Operative Dentistry
Equipment and Material Recommendations Based on the Level of Dental Care
Diagnostics for Basic Dentistry
Dental Scaling, Irrigation and Polishing Equipment, Instruments, and Techniques
Dental Polishing Equipment and Materials
Extraction Instruments and Materials
Dental Handpieces
Maintenance of Dental Equipment
Homecare Products to Reduce the Accumulation of Plaque and Tartar (Calculus)
Other Homecare Products, Which May Decrease the Accumulation of Plaque and/or Tartar When Used Properly
Equipment and Materials for Advanced Dental Care
Obturating the Canal
College-Tipped Pliers to Handle the Paper and Gutta Percha Points
Restorative Materials Used in Advanced Dental Procedures
Advanced Periodontal and Oral Surgery
Orthodontic Equipment and Materials Used in Advanced Dental Procedures
Orthodontic Buttons and Masel Chain Elastics
Further Reading
3. Oral Anatomy for the General Practitioner
The Oral Cavity
Innervation of the Oral Cavity
Blood Supply and Lymphatic Drainage
Salivary Glands
Maxillae and Mandibles
Temporomandibular Joint
Further Reading
4. Dental Radiography
Incorporating Dental Radiography into General Practice
Radiation Safety
Radiograph Equipment
Radiograph Image Troubleshooting
Radiograph Interpretation
Periodontal Disease
Endodontic Disease
External Root Resorption
Further Reading
5. Charting
Two-/Four-Handed Charting
Step-By-Step Charting
Periodontal Indices
Dental Explorer
Furcation Disease Charting
Bleeding on Probing
Gingivitis Index
Tooth Mobility
Crown Pathology
Charting Abbreviations
Therapy Abbreviations
Further Reading
6. The Comprehensive Oral Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment Visit
Comprehensive Oral Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment (COPAT)
Case Volume
Basic Treatment Options in Companion Animal Dentistry
Plaque and Calculus Prevention
Efficacy of Homecare Products
The Veterinary Oral Health Council
Efficacy Through Mechanical Action
Efficacy Through Nonmechanical Action
Efficacy Through Mechanical plus Nonmechanical Actions
Safety of Homecare Products
Gastrointestinal Inflammation
Safety Against Tooth Fracture
Scheduling the Next Professional Oral Hygiene Visit
Further Reading
7. Oropharyngeal Inflammation
Periodontal Diseases
Clinical Periodontal Diseases
Furcation Disease
Tooth Mobility
Periodontal Regeneration
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Mucositis - Inflammation of the Oral Mucosa
Anti-Inflammatory Medication
Surgical Management of FCGS
Technique for Placement of Esophagostomy Feeding Tube in the Anesthetized Cat
Flap Design, Procedure, and Closure
Mandibular Canine Extraction Technique
Hemisection and Restoration
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)-positive Cats with Feline Chronic Gingivitis Stomatitis
Further Reading
8. Tooth Resorption
Classification by Anatomical Location - Internal and External Resorption
Inflammatory External Resorption
Classification by Radiographic Appearance (Types)
Clinical Signs
Clinical Examination Findings
Radiographic Findings
Treatment of Tooth Resorption
Monitoring Without Immediate Care
Crown/Root Atomization
Tooth Extraction
Crown Amputation with Intentional Partial Root Retention Followed by Gingival Closure
Further Reading
9. Oral Trauma
Anatomy and Physiology
Crown Wear - Abrasion and Attrition
The Traumatized Tooth
Endodontic Therapy
Age of the Patient
Materials for Endodontic Therapy
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA)
Instruments for Endodontic Therapy
Fundamental Endodontic Procedures
Standard (Conventional) Root Canal Therapy
Rotary Debridement
Crown Restoration
Oral Cavity Trauma
Principles of Jaw Fracture Repair
Treatment Planning and Options
Further Reading
10. Oral Masses
Identification and Staging of Oral Tumors
World Health Organization (WHO) Clinical Staging of Tumors of the Oral Cavity - Primary Tumor-Regional Nodes-Metastasis (TNM) System
Neoplasia Nomenclature
Tissue Sampling
Surgical Options to Treat Neoplasia
General Overview of Tumor Surgery
Benign Neoplasia
Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex
Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma
Amyloid-Producing Odontogenic Tumor
Traumatic Granulomas
Feline Pyogenic Granuloma
Oral Malignancy
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Salivary Gland Pathology
Further Reading
11. Occlusal Disorders, Extra Teeth, and Missing Teeth
Angle Classification
Malocclusion - Dental and Skeletal
Skeletal Malocclusion
Ethics of Performing Veterinary Orthodontic Care
Interceptive Orthodontics
Extraction of the Malpositioned Tooth
Crown Reduction, Vital Pulp Therapy, and Tooth Restoration
Moving Teeth
Types of Forces Used to Move Teeth
Instrumentation for Orthodontic Care
Technique for Bracket Placement, Light Chemical Cementation, and Force Activation
Orthodontic Appliances
The Following are Steps of Orthodontic Therapy Using Appliances
Materials and Methods to Create a Dental Study Model
Obtaining the Impression
Creating Arch Impressions Using Alginate
Pouring the Stone Model
Water: Powder Ratio
Follow These Steps to Mix and Pour Stone
The Following are Steps to Pour the Stone Mixture onto the Impression
Preparing a Base for Each Cast
To Separate the Cast from the Alginate Impression
Trimming the Cast
Lab Instructions and Shipping
Inclined Planes
Further Reading

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