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Essentials in Lung Transplantation

  • EDITOR Springer Verlag Gmbh&Co. Kg
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  • ISBN 978-3-319-90932-5
  • EAN 9783319909325
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  • Fecha 10-09-2018
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  • Año 2018
This book presents a clear and concise summary of the clinical tenets of lung transplantation with an update on recent developments in the field. It examines the operational principles which underpin successful lung transplantation and shows how an evidenced based approach combined with wisdom borne of experience leads to better outcomes in day-to-day management. Focused on simplicity and elegance of style with ample visual images, this book provides a unique overview of trends and strategies for the best outcomes in lung transplantation. Approachable and easily digested, this book will be a go-to resource for professionals seeking a succinct and well-illustrated guide to this growing area of surgical transplantation.

Who and When to Transplant: What Has Changed?

Seneviratne, Isuru N. S. (et al.)

Pages 1-17

Surgical Approaches: Tricks of the Trade

Dhital, Kumud (et al.)

Pages 19-37

Donation After Brain Death Versus Donation After Circulatory Death Donors in Lung Transplantation: Are They Different?

Snell, Gregory I. (et al.)

Pages 39-46


Fiene, Andreas

Pages 47-54

Immunosuppression: Have We Learnt Anything

Paraskeva, Miranda

Pages 55-66

Cellular Rejection: Is it Still Relevant?

Havryk, Adrian

Pages 67-77

Antibody Mediated Rejection: Are We There Yet?

Westall, Glen P. (et al.)

Pages 79-86

The Human Respiratory Microbiome: The End of the Beginning?

Mitchell, Alicia B. (et al.)

Pages 87-97

Community Acquired Respiratory Viruses

Plit, Marshall

Pages 99-108

Bronchoscopy Post Lung Transplantation

Benzimra, Mark

Pages 109-117

Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction: Phenotypes and the Future

Chambers, Daniel C.

Pages 119-129

Lung Transplantation for Interstitial Lung Disease

Malouf, Monique Anne

Pages 131-149

Lung Transplantation for Obstructive Lung Diseases

Rigby, Amy L.

Pages 151-161

Lung Transplantation for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Whitford, Helen

Pages 163-172

Common Infections Following Lung Transplantation

Marriott, Deborah J. (et al.)

Pages 173-219

How to Measure Success

Pearson, Rebecca

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