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PET/CT in Gynecological Cancers

  • EDITOR Springer Verlag Gmbh&Co. Kg
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  • ISBN 978-3-319-29247-2
  • EAN 9783319292472
  • Colección PET/CT
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  • Fecha 24-08-2016
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  • Año 2016
This book is a pocket guide to the science and practice of PET/CT imaging of gynecological malignancies. The scientific principles of PET/CT, the radiopharmaceuticals used in the context of gynecological cancers, the role of PET/CT in these patients, the characteristic PET/CT findings, and limitations and pitfalls are all clearly described. In addition, information is provided on clinical presentation, diagnosis, staging, pathology, management, and radiological imaging. The book is published within the Springer series Clinicians' Guides to Hybrid Imaging, which is aimed at referring clinicians, nuclear medicine/radiology physicians, radiographers/technologists, and nurses who routinely work in nuclear medicine and participate in multidisciplinary meetings. Compiled under the auspices of the British Nuclear Medicine Society, the series is the joint work of many colleagues and professionals worldwide who share a common vision and purpose in promoting and supporting nuclear medicine as an important imaging specialty for the diagnosis and management of oncological and non-oncological conditions.

Table of contents (11 chapters)

Gynaecological Malignancies: Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, Staging and Staging Procedures

Borley, Jane, PhD, MRCOG (et al.)

Pages 1-9

An Overview of the Pathology of Gynaecological Cancers

Singh, Naveena (et al.)

Pages 11-19

An Overview of the Management of Gynaecological Cancers

Reed, Nicholas (et al.)

Pages 21-28

Radiological Imaging in Gynaecological Malignancies

Bharwani, Nishat (et al.)

Pages 29-43

Basic Principles of PET-CT Imaging

Tout, Deborah (et al.)

Pages 45-56

18F-FDG and Non-FDG PET Radiopharmaceuticals

Ballinger, James (et al.)

Pages 57-61

PET/CT Imaging: Patient Instructions and Preparation

Navalkissoor, Shaunak (et al.)

Pages 63-68

18F-FDG PET/CT Imaging: Normal Variants, Pitfalls and Artefacts

Agrawal, Kanhaiyalal (et al.)

Pages 69-93

PET/CT in Gynaecological Malignancies

Khan, Sairah R. (et al.)

Pages 95-109

PET/CT in Gynaecological Malignancies: Pictorial Atlas

Khan, Sairah R. (et al.)

Pages 111-118

Erratum to: Chapter 5, 6, 7 and 8 of PET/CT in Gynecological Cancers

Barwick, Tara (et al.)

Pages E1-E1

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