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Atlas of Liver Transplantation

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This new edition is a comprehensive guide to the complete field of liver transplantation for practising transplant surgeons.

Presented in a step by step format, the book begins with an overview and discussion on different types of liver disease. Pre- and post-transplant considerations and both deceased and live donor evaluation are examined in depth. The following sections describe operative technique, complications, pathology, radiology and much more. Topics have been fully revised to provide the most up to date information, and the atlas is highly illustrated with surgical images and figures.

The book is authored by internationally recognised experts in the field of transplant surgery, led by Ernesto Molmenti from North Shore-LIJ Health System and School of Medicine, New York. Previous editionpublished in 2002.

Key Points

Second edition of comprehensive guide to liver transplantation
Fully revised to provide the most up-to-date information
Authored by internationally recognised experts led by Ernesto Molmenti
Previousedition (9780721695518) published in 2002
Author information

Ernesto Molmenti MD PhD MBA

Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery, Director, Transplant Program, North Shore-LIJ Health System, New York; Professor, Departments of Surgery and Medicine, Hofstra North Shore–LIJ School of Medicine, Long Island, New York, USA

Eduardo de Santibañes MD

Martin de Santibañes MD

Both at Surgery Department, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Section 1: Overview · Overview · Liver Anatomy · Indications for Transplantation · The Liver in Mythology and History · Evolution of Liver Transplantation Section 2: Liver Disease - Native and Recurrent · Alcoholic Liver Disease · Autoimmune Hepatitis · Budd-Chiari Syndrome · Cholangiocarcinoma · Drug Induced Liver Injury · Fulminant Hepatic Failure · Hematological Disorders · Hepatic Encephalopathy · Hepatitis A · Hepatitis B · Hepatitis C · Hepatocellular Carcinoma · Metastases · NASH · Other Causes of Liver Failure · Primary Biliary Cirrhosis ·Sclerosing Cholangitis Section 3: Pre and Post Transplant Considerations · Bariatric Surgery/Weight Loss in the Liver Transplant Candidate/Recipient · Ethics · Hematology · Infections · Liver Lesions · Malignancies · Neurology · Nutrition · Ob/Gyn · Oral Health · Psychiatry · Preoperative Pulmonary Evaluation in Liver Transplant Patients · Quality of life · Non-Compliance ·Renal Function and Liver Transplantation · Vaccinations Section 4: Deceased Donor Evaluation · Biopsy Considerations · Deceased Donor Evaluation · Deceased Donor Management · Donor Grading Classifications · Expanded Criteria Donors · Infectious Risks Associated With Donors · Moving Donors from Hospitals to Regional Stand-Alone Section 5: Live Donor Evaluation Section 6: Pharmacology Section 7: Anesthesia Section 8: Operative Technique · Deceased Donor Procurement · Specific Considerations: DCD donors · Specific Considerations: Machine Preservation of Liver Allografts · Specific Considerations: Organ Preservation Techniques · Specific Considerations: Aortic Cannulation in Donors with Distal Aortic and IVC Pathologies and/or Injuries Section 9: Operative Technique - Recipient · Back Table Preparation · Classic Technique of Implantation · Piggyback · Recipient Hepatectomy · Split Liver Section 10: Operative Technique - Transplant and Post-Transplant Challenges · Arterial Grafts · Arterial Reconstructions · Auxiliary Transplants · Combined Liver-Heart Transplantation · Cavo-AtrialShunt in Instances of Supra-Hepatic IVC Stenosis · Combined Liver-Intestine Transplantation · Combined Liver-Kidney Transplantation · Combined Liver-Pancreas Transplantation ·Emergency Hepatectomy · Immediate and Early Failure of the Transplanted Liver · IVC Thrombosis · Liver Transplantation in Hiliar Cholangiocarcinoma · Liver Transplantation in Patients with Diffuse (Grade IV) Portal Vein Thrombus · Portal Vein Arterialization in Liver transplantation · Portal Vein Thrombosis · Retransplantation · Situs Inversus Donors · Situs InversusRecipient · Venous Grafts · Venous Reconstructions Section 11: Operative Technique – Live Donor · Left Hepatectomy · Left Lateral Hepatectomy · Liver Transplant with Dual Donor ·Recipient · Right Hepatectomy Section 12: Post Transplant Considerations · Allograft Function · Biliary Complications · Biliary Reconstruction Techniques · Cardiopulmonary Complications ·Fluid Abdominal Collections · Gastrointestinal Complications · ICU Management · Post-Operative Guidelines: · Rejection · Vascular Complications Section 13: Quality Management Section 14: Risk Management Section 15: Immunology - Basic Science · Cellular Therapy, Tissue Engineering And Bioartificial Organs · Epigenetics · Ischemia Reperfusion · Tolerance Section 16: Pathology · Liver Pathology · Renal Dysfunction Associated with Liver Disorders: Histopathological Aspects Section 17: Cutaneous Manifestations of Liver Disease Section 18: Pediatric Transplantation · Indications Includes: Biliary Atresia, Cholestatic Liver Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatic Malignancy, Metabolic Disease, Other · Monosegmental Liver · Pediatric Transplantation Section 19: Radiology · Biliary Imaging · Body Wall Imaging · Gastrointestinal Imaging · Hematology - Oncology Imaging · Liver Lesions · Liver Parenchyma · Neurological Imaging · Preoperative Evaluation · Pulmonary Imaging · Vascular Imaging

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