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Human Parasitology

  • EDITOR Academic Press Ltd.
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  • ISBN 978-0-12-813712-3
  • EAN 9780128137123
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  • Fecha 02-06-2018
  • Número 5
  • Año 2018
Human Parasitology, Fifth Edition, emphasizes a medical perspective while incorporating functional morphology, physiology, biochemistry, and immunology to enhance appreciation of the diverse implications of parasitism. Bridging the gap between classical clinical parasitology texts and traditional encyclopedic treatises, Human Parasitology appeals to students interested in the medical aspects of parasitology and those who require a solid foundation in the biology of parasites. This fifth edition has been fully revised to integrate the most recent molecular discoveries about mosquitoes, ticks and other arthropods as vectors, as well as the most effective therapeutic regimens.

Key Features
Integrates the most recent molecular discoveries about mosquitoes, ticks and other arthropods as vectors, as well as the most effective therapeutic regimens
Features expanded coverage of the evolution of parasitism and an extensive update to immunology of parasite-host interactions
Offers an enhanced art program featuring life-cycle illustrations and additional SEM and TEM micrographs
Provides New Host Immune Response section for each organism
Includes a special section on the impact of genomics
Premedical, medical technology, and undergraduate microbiology and parasitology students as well as researchers and professionals in related disciplines

Table of Contents
1. Symbiosis and Parasitism
2. Parasite-Host Interactions

Part I: The Protozoa
3. General Characteristics of the Euprotista (Protozoa)
4. Visceral Protozoa I: (Amoebae) and Ciliophorans
5. Visceral Protozoa II: Flagellates
6. Blood and Tissue Protozoa I: Hemoflagellates
7. Blood and Tissue Protozoa II: Human Malaria
8. Blood and Tissue Protozoa III: Other Protists

Part II: The Trematoda
9. General Characteristics of the Trematoda
10. Visceral Flukes
11. Blood Flukes

Part III: The Cestoda
12. General Characteristics of the Cestoda
13. Intestinal Tapeworms
14. Extraintestinal Tapeworms

Part IV: The Nematoda
15. General Characteristics of the Nematoda
16. Intestinal Nematodes
17. Blood and Tissue Nematodes

Part V: Arthropoda
18. Arthropods as Vectors

A. Drugs for Parasitic Infections: Partial List of Generic and Name Brands
B. Current Chemotherapeutic Regiments
C. Adverse Effects of Antiparasitic Drugs

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