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Illustrated Toxicology "With Study Questions"

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  • ISBN 978-0-12-813213-5
  • EAN 9780128132135
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  • Fecha 30-03-2018
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  • Año 2018
Illustrated Toxicology: With Study Questions is an essential, practical resource for self-study and guidance catering to a broad spectrum of students. This book covers a range of core toxicological areas, including pesticides, radioactive materials and poisonous plants, also presenting a section on veterinary toxicology. Across 16 chapters, the book presents key concepts with the aid of over 250 detailed, full-color illustrations. Each section is supplemented with practical exercises to support active learning. This combination of clear illustrations and sample testing will help readers gain a deeper understanding of toxicology.

This book is useful for toxicology, pharmacy, medical and veterinary students, and also serves as a refresher for academics and professionals in the field, including clinical pharmacists, forensic toxicologists, environmentalists and veterinarians.

Key Features
Includes comprehensive coverage of key toxicological concepts for study and revision
Provides a visual learning aid with over 250 full-color illustrations
Enhances understanding and memory retention of core concepts with the use of practical exercises
Advanced undergraduates and graduates in toxicology; examiners. This will also be of interest to academics in the field of toxicology, clinical pharmacists, forensic toxicologists and veterinarians

Table of Contents
General Toxicology
2. Disposition and Toxicokinetics of Toxicants
3. Metals and Micronutrients
4. Pesticides (Agrochemicals)
5. Non-metallics and micronutrients
6. Solvents, Vapors and Gases
7. Poisonous Plants
8. Poisons of Animal Origin
9. Poisonous Foods and Food Poisoning
10. Drugs of Use, Dependence and Abuse
11. Environmental Toxicology
12. Radioactive Materials
13. Veterinary Toxicology
14. Clinical Toxicology
15. Organs and Mechanism of Toxicity
16. Brain Storming Questions

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