Stem Cells and Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine

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Stem Cells and Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine addresses the urgent need for a compact and inclusive source of information covering both the cellular and biomaterial aspects of regenerative medicine. By developing mutual understanding between three generally separately functioning areas of science – medicine, the latest technology, and clinical economics – the volume encourages interdisciplinary relationships that will lead to solutions for the significant challenges faced by regenerative medicine today.

The volume begins by giving readers a foundational understanding of the homeostatic balance created by apoptosis and proliferating tisse stem cells, and also of the naturally regenerative capacities of various tissue types, which allows for both maintaining tisses and organs in good health and restoring functionality of a given tissue/organ upon injury. The potential regenerative benefits of of iPS-genration and various diferentiation protocolls are then explored, along with direct transdifferentiation of one tissue into another. The limitations of transplantion as treatment for damaged organs or tissues are highlighted, as are the alternate cutting-edge technologies which allow for production of modern biomaterials resulting in tissue substitutes. A separate chapter presents methods for determining the biological properties in an advanced in vitro studies as well as in vivo studies, and several chapters discuss common, successfully implemented technologies involving regenerative medicine. Biosafety, patient risk and clinical economic considerations are also noted. Written in easily accessbile language, the volume will be appropriate for any professionals or medical staff looking to expand their knowledge in the areas of stem cells and regenerative medicine. View less >

Key Features
Volume arms readers with key information about tissue engineering, artificial organs and biomaterials, while using broadly accessible language
Provides broad introduction to and examples of: various types of stem cells, core concepts of regenerative medicine, biomaterials, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, somatic cell transdyferentiation, safety and toxicity tests for biomaterials and artificial tissues, transplantation, and market analysis and predictions for regenerative medicine
Edited and authored by researchers with expertise in regenerative medicine, (cancer) stem cells, biomaterials, genetics, and nanomaterials

Table of Contents
Introduction and historic perspective
2. Stem cells – definition and types of stem cells, stemness and differentiation
3. Modern methods of obtaining stem cells – overview of reprogramming methods
4. Transdifferentiation – direct way to obtain cell precursors for regenerative medicine
5. Generation of organs based on repopulation of cell-free extracellular matrix scaffolds
6. Introduction to transplantology
7. Biomaterials
8. Overview of technologies applied for biomaterial production
9. Quality control of biomaterials
10. Methods of biomaterial-aided cell delivery
11. Example of successful biomaterial-based artificial organ - artificial cornea
12. Example of successful biomaterial-based artificial organ - artificial hip
13. Example of successful biomaterial-based artificial organ - artificial skin
14. Biomatreials, and artificial tissues – risk assessment
15. Regenerative medicine in numbers
16. Regenerative medicine – further development

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