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Equine Neck and Back Pathology "Diagnosis and Treatment"

  • EDITOR John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
  • NIVEL Profesional
  • IDIOMAInglés
  • ISBN 978-1-118-97444-5
  • EAN 9781118974445
  • Colección -
  • Número -
  • Encuadernado Tapa Dura
  • Páginas 328
  • Largo 280
  • Ancho 210
  • Peso 500
  • Fecha 13-02-2018
  • Número 2
  • Año 2018
An invaluable reference dedicated to the equine neck and back, providing comprehensive coverage by international specialists. Building on the strength of the first edition Equine Neck and Back Pathology: Diagnosis and Treatment, 2nd Edition explores conditions and problems of the horse’s back and pelvis, and now the neck as well. These problems are often difficult to diagnose and treat. The importance of the horse’s back and neck to their function and athletic ability cannot be underestimated.

The book is divided into sections covering:

the normal anatomy and kinematics of the horse’s neck and back
the approach to investigating suspected neck or back pathology
diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions
complementary therapy and rehabilitation
This book is a vital tool for those engaged in improving the diagnosis and management of all horses with neck or back problems.

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