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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Exosomes in Cancer

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  • Fecha 01-06-2018
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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Exosomes in Cancer evaluates the potential of exosome content manipulation in the development of novel therapeutics. In recent years, exosomes, the small vesicles produced by all cell types, have been identified as contributors to cancer growth and metastasis. However, due to their unique biophysical properties, they are also being tested for use in therapeutic design and delivery, as well as in diagnostics. This book presents a comprehensive analysis on exosomes, with a main emphasis on their biogenesis and signaling, use as biomarkers, and as tools for imaging, drug delivery and the treatment of cancer.

Key Features
Covers emerging pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications, including exosomes being tested as carriers of anticancer drugs, ongoing clinical trials, and exosomes as imaging agents for cancer diagnosis and treatment
Brings together a team of highly regarded international authors who provide a full-rounded analysis
Presents comprehensive coverage of the unique biophysical properties of exosomes
Explores current and future possibilities
Pharmaceutical scientists, cancer researchers and clinicians, graduate students and postdocs interested in tumor-derived exosome communication, metastasis and therapeutic potential

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Exosomes in Cancer
2. Extracellular Vesicle Biogenesis in Cancer
3. Composition, Physicochemical and Biological properties of Exosomes Secreted from Cancer Cells
4. Heterogeneity of Tumor Exosomes – Role in Personalized Medicine
5. Proteomic Profiling of Tumor Exosomes
6. Nucleic Acid Profiling in Exosomes
7. Nanotechnology Platforms for Cancer Exosome Analyses
8. Microfluidics and Tumor Exosomes
9. Exosomal RNA as Biomarkers: Role in Cancer Prevention
10. Diagnostic Potential of Tumor Exosomes
11. Biodistribution of Tumor Derived Exosomes
12. Tumor-Derived Exosomes as Vehicles Mediating Immune Suppression in Cancer
13. Exosome Uptake and Cellular Reprogramming in the Tumor Microenvironment
14. Exosomes and Intercellular Conduits: Communication between Tumor Cells and Fibroblasts in the Microenvironment
15. Exosomes in Tumor Angiogenesis
16. Role of Exosomes in Development of Pre-Metastatic Niche
17. Role of Exosomes in Tumor Metastasis
18. Exosomes and Tumor Drug Resistance
19. Exosomes in Cancer Immunotherapy
20. Extracellular Vesicles as Vehicles of B Cell Antigen Presentation: Implications for Cancer Vaccine Therapies
21. Translational Potential of Tumor Exosomes in Diagnosis and Therapy
22. Perspective on Cancer Exosomes in the Future

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