The Lateralized Brain "The Neuroscience and Evolution of Hemispheric Asymmetries"

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The Lateralized Brain: The Neuroscience and Evolution of Hemispheric Asymmetries is an up-to-date teaching resource for neuroscience faculty members that teach courses concerning hemispheric asymmetries. The book provides students with all relevant information on the subject, while also giving aspiring researchers in the field an up-to-date overview of relevant, previous work. It is ideal for courses on hemispheric asymmetries, that is, the functional or structural differences between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, and also highlights how the widespread use of modern neuroimaging techniques, such as fMRI and DTI has completely changed the way hemispheric asymmetries are currently investigated.

Key Features
Includes references to key articles, books, protocols and online resources for additional, detailed study
Presents classic studies that helped define the field
Covers key concepts and methods that are explained in separate call out boxes for quick overview
Provides introductory short stories (e.g. classic clinical cases) as a starting point for each chapter
Researchers, clinicians, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students in neuroscience, as well as those in biological sciences and psychology

Table of Contents
1. Brain asymmetries – Two millennia of speculation, research and discoveries

2. Evolution of asymmetries

3. The connected hemispheres – the role of the corpus callosum for hemispheric asymmetries

4. Language and the left hemisphere

5. Handedness and other behavioral asymmetries

6. Spatial attention, neglect, and the right hemisphere

7. Recognizing yourself and others – The role of the right hemisphere for face and self-perception

8. Hemispheric asymmetries in emotion processing

9. Structural hemispheric asymmetries

10. Hemispheric asymmetries over the lifespan

11. Sex differences in hemispheric asymmetries

12. Altered hemispheric asymmetries in neurodevelopmental, psychiatric, and neurological disorders

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