Mental Health and Illness of the Elderly

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This book consolidates current knowledge in the field and discusses psychiatric disorders among the elderly, while bridging the gap between clinical practice and the socio-cultural contexts. The book is particularly important in the face of rapidly changing conditions globally and challenges such as migration, war and violence, diminishing physical health due to ageing and their impact on the mental health of elderly. Longevity is a great gift of medical sciences and modern health care and since the benefit of longevity comes with specific mental health issues of the elderly, this book responds to the heightened need to understand and address the mental health challenges of the elderly.

Table of contents (23 chapters)
Challenges and Opportunities of Aging Populations Around the World
Chiu, Helen F. K. (et al.)
Pages 3-6
Successful Aging
Kamat, Rujvi (et al.)
Pages 7-28
Sociology of Aging
Lobo, A. (et al.)
Pages 29-51
Epidemiology of Mental Disorders (Including Cross-Cultural Comparisons)
Kua, Ee Heok (et al.)
Pages 53-82
(Neurobiology of) Dementia: Causes, Presentation, and Management
Bensamoun, David (et al.)
Pages 85-104
Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease
Saeed, Usman (et al.)
Pages 105-139
Dementia and Bioethics
Li, Xiaofeng (et al.)
Pages 141-153
Kilpatrick, Walter J. (et al.)
Pages 155-185
Depression in Late Life: Etiology, Presentation, and Management
Power, C. (et al.)
Pages 187-218
Anxiety in Late Life
Byrne, Gerard J.
Pages 219-241
Cognition and Bipolar Disorder in Older Adults (Including Question of “Neuroprogression”)
Strejilevich, Sergio A. (et al.)
Pages 243-261
Schizophrenia and Cognition in Late Life
Rajji, Tarek K.
Pages 263-275
Physical Comorbidities Associated with Late-Life Dementia
Kurrle, Susan (et al.)
Pages 277-310
Physical Comorbidities and Mood Disorders in Older Adults
Dols, Annemiek (et al.)
Pages 311-341
Cognitive and Neuropsychiatric Screening Tests in Older Adults
Ismail, Zahinoor (et al.)
Pages 343-368
Capacity Assessment
Peisah, Carmelle
Pages 369-398
Elderly Services, Community Care, and Health Economics of Service
Gega, Lina (et al.)
Pages 401-425
Pharmacotherapy for Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Norman, Trevor R.
Pages 427-453
Pharmacotherapy of Dementia
Chau, Sarah A. (et al.)
Pages 455-480
Psychological Interventions for Older Adults: Evidence-Based Treatments for Depression, Anxiety, and Carer Stress
Bryant, Christina
Pages 481-514
Dementia and Caregiving
Wesson, Virginia (et al.)
Pages 515-547
Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Dementia
Russ, Tom C. (et al.)
Pages 549-574
Elderly Suicide and Suicide Prevention
Shah, Ajit (et al.)

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