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Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice Bundle "Textbook & Workbook"

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Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice Bundle includes the textbook and workbook and is designed to serve as an introductory, one-term textbook for undergraduate phonetics courses in communication sciences and disorders. The text begins by introducing the fundamental tool of transcription the International Phonetic Alphabet while also presenting the science underlying that set of symbols. The goal of this text is to teach students how to think about the data being transcribed in other words, how to think like a phonetician.
Every chapter begins with Learning Objectives and an Applied Science problem and question a research- or clinical-based question that can be answered by applying the phonetic science concepts covered in that chapter. By the end of the chapter, students will revisit the question and be asked to solve the problem posed. Students studying communication sciences and disorders and practicing speech-language pathologists or audiologists will be more successful in their clinical work if they understand the science that underlies the tool of transcription. In each chapter there are also several diverse clinical examples to review the application of concepts covered.

The workbook allows students to practice phonetic transcription and includes a variety of practice exercises such as fill-in-the-blank, short-answer, and multiple creative transcription activities. The questions are closely connected to the textbook, allowing students to review chapter material and quiz themselves in an efficient manner.

Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice covers exactly what students (and clinical speech-language pathologists and audiologists) need to know to be effective speech-language pathologists and audiologists in any setting where an understanding of speech sounds is needed.

Key Features:

Focused on practical, clinical application, and the information needed for clinical practice A PluralPlus companion website that features sound files for IPA symbols and particular words Did You Get It? comprehension checks on the material throughout each chapter Flashcards for phonetic transcription practice
Reviews: "The writing style is very readable, engaging, with lots of examples, illustrations/figures, and opportunities for review. The book and the workbook go together very well. The vocal tract pictures are great. I really like the Applied Science boxes, too excellent!" --Shelley L. Velleman, PhD, CCC-SLP Chair & Professor. Communication Science and Disorders, University of Vermont

"I love the tone of this book it is easy to read, interesting, and I think it would keep the attention of college students. There are a number of figures and visuals. I love the applied component of each chapter and the exercises/activities to help put theory into practice. The visuals of pairing the vowels with a picture is genius!" --Joy McKenzie, MS, CCC-SLP Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, St. Cloud State University

"I am really excited about this book. The material is presented in a very coherent manner and the boxes are useful to ensure the information is understood. Also, there is more phonetic detail (related to acoustic and linguistic phonetics) that provides the reader with a more comprehensive view of phonetics than other introductory materials that are available. The workbook parallels the text well."--Heather L. Ramsdell-Hudock, PhD, CCC-SLP Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Idaho State University

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