The Temporal Bone "Anatomical Dissection and Surgical Approaches"

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Participants of temporal bone dissection courses often need to equip themselves with a manual that
reminds them what they learned and serves as a guide for further study and training. This manual,
which is based on Dr. Sanna’s successful 2005 book, is designed to complement and reinforce
participants’ experiences by comprehensively covering the normal and surgical anatomy of the
temporal bone and all aspects of otologic and neuro-otologic surgery. The content has been carefully
revised and expanded, with several new subchapters and a new chapter as well as enhanced and
modernized image materials.

• Every beautifully illustrated technique includes surgical anatomy, indication, surgical steps,
and hints and pitfalls
• Specifically prepared cadaveric dissections show relevant surgical anatomy and detailed stepby-step
instructions for approaches/techniques
• No other temporal bone dissection manual is available that covers anatomy and basics as well
as advanced otologic and neuro-otologic surgery in such detail and with such a wealth of
high-quality images

Chapter 1 Temporal Bone Dissection Laboratory
Chapter 2 Surgical Anatomy of the Temporal Bone
Chapter 3 Transmastoid Approaches
Chapter 4 Translabyrinthine Approaches
Chapter 5 Facial Nerve Decompression
Chapter 6 Middle Cranial Fossa Approaches
Chapter 7 Restrosigmoid-Retrolabyrinthine Approach
Chapter 8 Transotic Approach
Chapter 9 Modified Transcochlear Approach (Type A)
Chapter 10 Infratemporal Fossa Approaches

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