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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Infertility "A Case-Based Guide for Clinicians"

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A case-based clinical guide to a variety of common and uncommon issues in male fertility
Chapters follow a consistent format, presenting a specific real-world case, correlating clinical evidence, diagnosis and prognosis, management strategies and procedures, and clinical pearls
A practical resource for the clinical andrologist, reproductive specialist and primary care physician

This case-based guide is written from the clinician's perspective, dealing with a defined male infertility problem, tracing the actual clinical pathway arriving at the diagnosis, and discussing the treatment options and the likely outcome. Rather than focusing on excessive theoretical details, each chapter presents a unique clinical vignette or scenario, the relevant aspects of which are followed throughout the entire chapter, correlating specific fertility issues with clinical findings, describing treatment options, prognoses and procedures (when indicated), and concluding with practical clinical pearls. Opening with chapters describing current diagnoses of male infertility and semen analysis, the subsequent cases presented cover a variety of relevant topics in male infertility, including anabolic steroid use, ejaculatory and erectile dysfunction, azoospermia, Klinefelter Syndrome, varicocele, cystic fibrosis and spinal cord injury. Additional chapters discuss choosing the right assisted conception technique and developing and managing a sperm bank.
Practical and illustrative of a wide array of male fertility issues, The Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Infertility is a go-to resource for clinical andrologists, reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, primary care physicians and any professional working to treat the infertile male.

Table of contents (16 chapters)
Making a Diagnosis
Majzoub, Ahmad (et al.)
Pages 1-18
Interpreting Semen Analysis and Level 2 Sperm Testing
Aziz, Nabil
Pages 19-31
Medical and Lifestyle Approaches to Improving Semen Quality
Ramasamy, Ranjith (et al.)
Pages 33-43
Testosterone and Anabolic Steroid Abuse
Arafa, Mohamed (et al.)
Pages 45-62
Managing Infertility Due to Endocrine Causes
Kumanov, Philip
Pages 63-78
Management of Infections in Male Infertility
Kalejaiye, Odunayo (et al.)
Pages 79-94
Ejaculatory Dysfunction: Retrograde Ejaculation
Shen, Jim K. (et al.)
Pages 95-111
Management of Azoospermia
Arafa, Mohamed (et al.)
Pages 113-132
Klinefelter Syndrome
El Bardisi, Haitham (et al.)
Pages 133-150
CFTR-Related Male Infertility
McKay, Victoria (et al.)
Pages 151-164
Sperm Retrieval Techniques
Cho, Chak-Lam (et al.)
Pages 165-182
Varicocele: Surgical Intervention Versus Assisted Conception
Tadros, Nicholas N. (et al.)
Pages 183-199
Treating Erectile Dysfunctions
Majzoub, Ahmad (et al.)
Pages 201-225
Spinal Cord Injury Related Infertility
Floyd, Michael S. (et al.)
Pages 227-247
Establishing and Managing a Sperm Bank
Centola, Grace M.
Pages 249-263
Assisted Conception Techniques: Which One to Choose
Talwar, Pankaj (et al.)

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