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Detailed and complete information on melanonychia, a very specific and relevant issueDirected and easy to read approach, intended for clinical useEditors are worldwide references in the field.The purpose of this book is to guide the dermatologist and the general physician in the differential diagnosis and treatment of melanonychias.
Melanonychia is a longitudinal pigmentation of the nail and it is considering a common presenting problem in general dermatology. The differential diagnosis varies from subungual hematoma to a fungal infection to a melanocytic lesion (hypermelanosis, lentigo, nevus, and melanoma) among others. Melanonychia may also indicate an early stage of nail melanoma, and its diagnosis remains a challenge among dermatologist. A recent publication on Dermatologists accuracy in early diagnosis of melanoma of the nail matrix showed that in situ melanoma of the nail matrix is very difficult for dermatologists to diagnose, regardless of the level of their experience.
On Melanonychias the reader will find a complete discussion about all the most important topics on this condition, since its basic aspects (such as nail anatomy and epidemiology) until applied topics (including clinical features, nail biopsy and treatment).

Table of contents (13 chapters)
Melanocytes of the Nail
McCaffrey, Lauren (et al.)
Pages 1-4
Epidemiology of Melanonychias
Ruben, Beth S. (et al.)
Pages 5-7
Clinical Evaluation: Clinical Features, Worrisome Signs, and the ABCDEF Rule
Lipner, Shari R. (et al.)
Pages 9-24
Dermoscopy of the Nail Plate, Nail Matrix, and Nail Bed
Chiacchio, Nilton (et al.)
Pages 25-43
Hypermelanosis (Melanocyte Activation)
Bishop, Brian E. (et al.)
Pages 45-56
Lentigo and Nevus
Haneke, Eckart
Pages 57-70
Subungual Melanoma
Domínguez-Cherit, Judith (et al.)
Pages 71-84
Melanonychia in Children
Piraccini, B. M. (et al.)
Pages 85-96
Non-melanocytic Melanonychia
Hare, Anna Q. (et al.)
Pages 97-110
Histological Analysis of the Nail Plate in the Diagnosis of Melanonychia and Other Nail Pigmentation
Ruben, Beth S.
Pages 111-118
Chen, Lucy (et al.)
Pages 119-130
Histopathological Analysis
Michalany, Nilceo S. (et al.)
Pages 131-139
Treatment of Nail Unit Melanoma
Richert, Bertrand

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