Force. Drawing Human Anatomy

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The newest book in Michael Mattesi’s Force Drawing series takes movement to the next level. Force: Drawing Human Anatomy, explores the different facets of motion and the human body. As opposed to the memorizationtechnique, Mattesi stresses the function of each body part and how gravity relative to different poses affects the aesthetics and form of muscle. The chapters are divided by the different parts of the body, thus allowing the reader to concentrate on mastery one body part at a time. Color coded images detail each muscle and their different angles. Special consideration is given to anatomy for animation, allowing the reader to create a character that isanatomically accurate in both stillness and motion.
Detailed visual instructionincludescolourful, step-by-stepdiagramsthatallowyou to easilyfollowtheconstruction of ananatomicallycorrect figure.
Clearlyorganized and color coded per regions of thebody'sanatomy, a clarity of designforbetterreaderunderstanding.
Learnhowanatomyisdrawn and definedbythefunction of a pose.
Visitthecompanionwebsitefordrawingdemonstrations and furtherresourcesonanatomy.
Chapter 1: The Power of FORCE
Chapter 2: Form
Chapter 3: FORCE Skeleton/Chain of Events
Chapter 4: The Head and Neck
Chapter 5: The Trunk- top, center, and bottom
Chapter 6: The Arms
Chapter 7: Hands, The ultimate in dexterity and precision
Chapter 8: Legs, travel
Chapter 9: Feet
Author(s) Bio
Michael Mattesi has authored four FORCE books, published in numerous languages, utilized around the world to inspire and educate artists on the concept of FORCE. He has instructed FORCE Drawing for over twenty years and inspired thousands of artists.
Simultaneously, Michael has been contributing his skills as a professional artist on numerous award-winning projects in varied capacities and has collaborated with Pixar, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney ConsumerProducts, Marvel Comics, Hasbro Toys, ABC, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, DreamWorks/PDI, Zynga, The School of Visual Arts, Beijing University, Art Center, Scuola Internazionale di Comics, San Jose State University, The Academy of Art University, Nickelodeon, LeapFrog and many others. Michael’s students occupy all fields of the art industry and have themselves gained prestige for their abilities.

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