Interventional Breast Imaging "Ultrasound, Mammography and MR Guidance Techniques"

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Step by step to better quality and more confidence -- the new standard in interventional breast diagnostics

Next to mammography, ultrasonography, and MR-mammography, image guided breast interventions represent the crucial step in the diagnostic work-up of breast abnormalities. Today's state of the art makes it possible to achieve a definitive diagnosis by performing a minimally invasive intervention on an out-patient basis, significantly reducing the number of open surgeries. Benefit from the authors' extensive knowledge and the experience they share from their daily practice, increasing your confidence from case to case.

This book comprehensively describes:
- The various options and methods for performing large core and vacuum-assisted biopsies
- The various preoperative localization techniques
- Techniques for performing ductography and selective lymph node labeling
- A review of histopathology for the interventionally active physician

This book answers your questions about:
- When is an invasive breast diagnostic procedure indicated?
- How is the procedure performed- step by step?
- How to deal with problem cases?
- What must be done to guarantee high-quality performance of interventions?
- How can diagnostic open biopsies be avoided?

This book offers:
- An excellent didactic method including uniform schemata in a generous format
- More confidence in assessing and dealing with abnormalities through it's cookbook-like instructions
- Over 50 case studies to test your knowledge
- More than 1,200 excellent images out of daily practice
- Important contents, tips and tricks, guidelines, and check lists highlighted within framed boxes
- Expertise at the highest level of standards

The correct access to an abnormality -- discover the optimal strategies for performing diagnostic breast interventions!

1. Patient information, Guidelines, and Directives --- 2. Preparation --- 3. Free-hand localization techniques --- 4. Ultrasound-guided interventions --- 5. Stereotactic interventions --- 6. MRI-guided Interventions --- 7. Materials --- 8. Specimen processing for pathological diagnosis --- 9. Perioperative specimen imaging --- 10. Galactography, MR-Galactography, and Ductoscopy --- 11. Sentinel lymph node mapping and dissection --- 12. Cytologic evaluation --- 13. Histologic evaluation of core needle biopsy specimens --- 14. Tumor cell dissemination --- 15. Guidelines for early detection of breast cancer: interventions and excision biopsy --- 16. Case studies

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