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Clinical Management of Craniosynostosis

  • EDITOR Wiley - Blackwell Scientific Publications
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DescriptionChildren with craniosynostosis are born with congenital deformities of the face and skull. In severe cases associated problems are common. The child who is not properly cared for can end up blind, deaf and with severe learning difficulties. In addition, they may be left with unacceptable facial deformities. Outside specialized craniofacial units, there is at present nowhere for those involved in primary or secondary care to go for help with the many practical problems that these children present. In this book, a distinguished team of editors have assembled experts in the field to introduce the non-craniofacial specialist to what can be achieved and how they can contribute to the child's welfare. It will be essential reading for paediatricians seeking practical information about the management of these disorders, and for specialists in neurosurgery, ENT, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, orthodontics, psychology, genetics, anaesthesia, audiology and speech therapy.

TopTable of Contents1. The growth of the skull and face David Dunaway and Robert Evans; 2. The classification and clinical diagnosis of craniosynostosis Dominic Thompson and Jonathon Britto; 3. The molecular genetics of craniosynostosis Willie Reardon and Jonathon Britto; 4. The epidemiology and incidence of craniosynostosis Louise Wilson; 5. The ante-natal diagnosis of craniosynostosis Lynn Chitty; 6. Imaging and craniosynostosis Kling Chong; 7. Principles of management of the child with craniosynostosis David Dunaway, Robert Evans, Richard Hayward and Barry Jones; 8. Management of raised ICP Richard Hayward and Ken Nischal; 9 Management of airway obstruction Susannah Leighton and Rod Lane; 10. Management of ophthalmological complications Ken Nischal; 11. Management of malocclusion and dental complications Robert Evans; 12. Psychological considerations Daniella Hearst; 13. Neurological problems of children with craniosynostosis and the role of the paediatrician Lucinda Carr; 14. Speech and language development Caroleen Shipster; 15. Hearing disorders Tony Sirimanna; 16. The management of feeding problems in children with complex craniosynostosis Valerie Pereira; 17. The role of the clinical nurse specialist Andrea White; 18. Anaesthesia and the child with craniosynostosis Bob Bingham and Sue Mallory; 19. The surgical management of the child with craniosynostosis David Dunaway, Robert Evans, Richard Hayward and Barry Jones; Index.

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