Contemporary Therapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Keeping current with the latest developments in obstetrics and gynaecology is essential to medical practice and the welfare of your patients. This resource provides a contemporary examination of the key issues related to obstetrics and gynaecology. With this resource, you should be able to access the most current, reliable information on all relevant topics, written by the clinicians and researchers in the field.This text presents succinct, easy-to-read chapters which focus on the most important issues relevant to contemporary OB/GYN practice. One-hundred-and-fourteen selected topics in obstetrics and gynaecology are discussed, providing a broad, comprehensive update of the subject. Leading chapter contributors from major universities and hospitals throughout the United States ensure that this book represents an authoritative update of essential information. INDICE: Walking during labor - myths and realities; tests for preterm labor; management of HIV in pregnancy; the fetal inflammatory response syndrome; implications of bacterial vaginosis in obstetrics; controversies involving antenatal corticosteroids; rescue cerclage for the incompetent cervix; acute therapy for preterm labor; management of isolated oligohydramnios; severe prematurity - implications and counseling; P management of preeclampsia; shoulder dystocia; recently described hereditary thrombophilias and obstetric outcome; vaccines in pregnancy; VBAC - a reevaluation; update in red cell isoimmunization; pregnancy and medical complications of diabetes; operative vaginal delivery; issues in cervical ripening/labor induction; exercise in pregnancy; thrombocytopenia; management of asthma in pregnancy; thyroid disorders in pregnancy; fetal lung maturity testing; magnesium sulfate as fetal therapy; management of epilepsy; herpes infections in pregnancy; maintenance therapy following successful arrest of preterm labor; trauma in pregnancy; peri-partum pulmonary edema; medication use during pregnancy; anticoagulation; prevention of group B streptococcal disease; adolescent pregnancy; unintended pregnancy; selective arterial embolization in the management of obstetric hemorrhage; diagnosis and management of premature rupture of the membrane; immunization; postpartum endometritis; management of antiphospholipid syndrome; induction of ovulation; family decision-making in perinatal genetics; ultrasound in pregnancy routine or by indication; fetal macrosomia - antenatal diagnosis and management; invasive procedure for prenatal diagnosis; new genetics concepts; principles of screening; 1st trimester screening; 2nd trimester screening; teratology; universal ultrasound; cervical length; preimplantation diagnosis; doppler. (Part contents).

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